PCSO SWERTRES Hearing Today May 16, 2024

PCSO Swertres Hearing Maintain Today3d lotto hearing

Thursday, May 16, 2024 – Here is the PCSO Swertres Hearing today, Swertres Hearing Online, 3D Hearing, Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips Probable, Swer3 Hearing Calendar Guide, Swertres Pasakay Pairing, and analysis.

Welcome to the No.1 3D Swertres Hearing Website in the Philippines!

Swertres Hearing is one of the most popular topics discussed by Filipinos today. 3D Lotto – Swertres Lotto draw is being held daily at 11:00 am, 4:00 pm, and 9:00 pm by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Typically, PCSO Lotto Hearing contains the Combinations Digits and Pairing along with Pasakay Guides. these will help our users to make their Lotto Winning Strategy almost 90% accurate.

PCSO Official Lotto Result Today May 16, 2024

PCSO has announced the SWERTRES and other lottery results for today. Here at PinoySwertres.com, we make sure that all the Results we update are accurate. However, we still encourage our Pinoy Swertres followers to verify the winning numbers by visiting PCSO’s official website.

EZ2 / 2D Lotto Result

2D LOTTO RESULT Today – Here is the 2D Lotto Results today announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO EZ2 lotto are refreshed every day at 2:00 pm 5:00 pm 9:00 pm.

2 PM: 22-16
5 PM: 23-08
9 PM: 08-23
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

‎3D Swertres Results

3D SWERTRES RESULT Today – Here are the 3D Swertres Results today announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO Swertres lotto refreshed every day at 2:00 pm 5:00 pm 9:00 pm.

2 PM: 1-5-9
5 PM: 1-9-4
9 PM: 9-6-3
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,500.00 per 10 peso play

6D LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6D Lotto Result today announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6D Lotto results are released three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 pm.

6D PCSO Lotto Result

9 PM: 5-5-1-7-5-8
Winning numbers in exact order

6/42 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6/42 Lotto Result today announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/42 Lotto results are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 pm.

Lotto 6/42 PCSO Result

9 PM: 11-23-05-22-24-03
Jackpot: Php 74,759,118.80
Winning numbers in any order

6/49 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6/49 Lotto Result today announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Super Lotto 6/49 results are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9 pm.

Super 6/49 Lotto Result

9 PM: 05-15-04-49-30-27
Jackpot: Php 15,840,000.00
Winning numbers in any order

Be sure to confirm the accuracy of your numbers on the PCSO website. PinoSwertres.com is not liable for any inaccuracies that may lead to financial losses or failure to claim winnings.

STL Lotto Result Today May 16, 2024

STL Pares Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer3 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer2 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

PCSO broadcasts its lottery draw through PTV and its official YouTube channel.

The PCSO Lotto results updated above are 2D EZ2 Lotto, 3D Swertres Lotto, 4D PCSO Lotto Results, Mega 6/45 PCSO Results, and Grand 6/55 Lotto. Small Town Lottery (STL) STL Pares, STL Swer3, and STL 2-Digits(Swer2). All the results are updated at intervals of 2:00 AM, 5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM.

Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips and Techniques published here daily before the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO Swertres Results announced. So, if you want to get an idea about Today to draw then follow the hearing tips daily and Visit our Website from time to time to check the latest 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm Swertres Hearing.

Swertres Hearing Today Now

No one can predict the winning numbers for Swertres or any other PCSO lotto game results. However, some Swertres analyzers compile previous Swertres results and make analyses based on their gathered data. These analyses are called ‘probable’, ‘hearing’, or ‘guides’. PS.Team sharing Swertres Hearing since 2014. For more updates join us on Facebook

Swertres hearing today

Swertres Hearing Latest Maintain and Probables Today

Most our of social media fans ask us What is the best Swertres Hearing for today? or What is the Best Swertres Guide for today? We are PS.Team here to help you win the Swertres Lotto. Below is our Swertres Pairing guide, Pasakay guide, Swertres Hot and Cold numbers, Swertres daily hearing, and Swertres monthly hearing. Here are Swertres hearings for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

Swertres Pasakay Guide Today

Guide 1 – (03)
Guide 2 – (37)
Guide 3 – (89)

PS Team Pasakay Guide Today

Rex31: (15)
Jendye: (24)
Jishan: (123)

Swertres Pairing Guide Today

Pairing Guide is one of the most effective guides to winning the Swertres lotto game. These PAIRINGS are good for today for 2:00 am 5:00 pm 9:00 pm draws.

May 16, 2024 –
( 36, 38, 96, 98 ) 99.99% Probability

Swertres Hot & Cold Numbers

Swertres Lotto Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers can be done in a very simple way, if you have access to Swertres results history, you can do basic analysis on your own to pinpoint the hot and cold numbers.

Swertres Hot Numbers – 0 1 5 7
Swertres Cold Numbers – 2 3 4 8

Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow

Our P.S. team uses Hot numbers and Some secret analyses to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 2:00 am 5:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

Best CEBU Swertres Hearing For Today!

Today Hot Swertres and Swer3 combination =

1_2 ALL – 162
1_3 ALL – 153
2_3 ALL – 293

3D Swertres Monthly Hearing!

518561 – 232 – 195 – 593
982 – 105 – 240 – 759 – 471
692 – 003 – 640 – 071 – 227

BABALA: Without our permission do not copy/screenshot our hearing to post in your Lotto outlet, Facebook timeline, pages, and groups. Under Philippine cyber copyright law, copyright infringement is punishable. If we catch you up with any Copyright Violation, then the penalty would be P150,000 to P1,000,000.00 or 3 months to 6 years in prison.


Swertres Result History is Here on this page, You can access the Record of All Previous Swertres Result History.

The SWERTRES HEARING TODAY that are updated above are based on Previous results, Calendar guide, Pairing, and Psakay which are called Mix Methodologies. Those methods are extremely valuable to winning SWERTRES / 3D Lotto. Paskey Guides are the most important to win Swertres/3D Lotto. Without these guides, you do not get the best results.

Get the Latest Swertres Hearing Today and the other PCSO Lotto & their results are also published here from the Official Source.

Disclaimer: These are not the confirmed digits and there is no guarantee that these numbers, pairs, and combinations are confirmed. These are the suggestions, tips, and calculations shared by our experts and PCSO professionals. However, you can get an idea from these digits.

Note: Always Bet at your own risk however we posted here some hearings. Best of Luck and Have a Good Day.

This post is about PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow, Swertres Hearing Today for 2:00 pm 5:00 pm 9:00 pm Draws. PCSO Swertres Hearing Tips Probables, Swertres Hearing Maintain Today Now, and much more!

Follow our Google News Channel to get the latest PCSO lotto results and Swertres hearing daily!

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  2. Good morning PS team/Admin….
    Congrats all winners yesterday and today… Salamat sa share master @ em….. Hinaot makasabay ko maayo na lang Maka tilaw daog…. Salamat admin sa space

  3. Good morning sa tanan
    2pm share
    good luck
    thanks Admin!!!
    congratz sa mga nanalo yesterday’s draws

  4. Good morning everyone!!!
    Gratz sa mga nnalo khapon..

    My bet
    Trio 2
    Gl to me!!!

    Thanks admin!!!

  5. 2pm: Entry Share:
    913 411 518

    5pm: Entry Share:
    193 114 185

    9pm: Entry Share:
    318 141 851

    [ or All Draw: ]

  6. Whole draw share…
    Hot pair:(((81)))*>all…
    Hot combi.:Tc#20*…
    481 581 871*>(((81)))*all…
    Extra rice:
    677 479 578*
    071 771 574*
    Gl 2me,”stick to one”sana all*…

  7. Good morning boss admin.
    Share lang ko sa akong combi

    All draw pwede e menten.
    ( 050 ) ( 813 )

    Triple ( 444 )

  8. Gdmrning admin and p.smate!
    2pm entry share!
    086 186 986
    049 059 181
    486 438 718
    751 791 762

    M10 834 vs 635

  9. 2pm:
    698 683 362
    692 693 364

    021 688 699
    Prediction pair:
    _62 _63 _64 _65
    all draws today

  10. Gratz@ofw!!!
    D mo lang ata,ipinahalata nalo q.hehehe(COVID 19) talaga.mmyang Gabi pa ata swerte q.
    Smislide pa….


    2pm result>>>>>>>159
    5pm result>>>>>>>
    9pm result>>>>>>>

    Winner entry status!

    Master @bobong>>>>> 1 point

    Day 1 >>>>>whole draw no winner!
    Day 2>≥>>>1 winner !
    Day 3>>>>>1 winner
    Day 4>>>>>no winner for 2pm entry!

  12. deretso ganun pa rin pcso wlang iwanan sa bahay ni juan*hehe…
    5pm.draw:change flavor…
    851 518 581*>(((81)))*all…
    Extra rice:$
    701 601 501*>Levi’s
    866 569 587*
    771 531 547*
    Gl 2me,”stick to one”sana all*…

  13. Delikado n naman to sa MCA
    Bka magsunod-sunod to
    Odd and even apat vs apat p
    C zero nag massacre 14 straight
    C 1 12 straight c double 7 straight p alam n KNG anung bibirahin

  14. CONGRATS!!! IdolNoys og sa uban 5pm draw winners

    May 16, 2024 at 3:38 PM
    5pm entry
    901 (((914))) 946 === 194


    2pm result>>>>>>>159
    5pm result>>>>>>>
    9pm result>>>>>>>

    Winner entry status!
    Master @ottol>>>>>>>6 points
    Master @bobong>>>>> 1 point
    Master @noy>≥>>>>>>1 point

    Day 1 >>>>>whole draw no winner!
    Day 2>≥>>>1 winner !
    Day 3>>>>>1 winner
    Day 4>>>>>winner for 5pm entry!
    @master Noy

    Extension ;
    Congrats @master Noy @leniexblue
    BRAVOOOO May pang ladies drink n nmang noyaks !

  16. Noys
    May 16, 2024 at 3:38 PM
    5pm entry
    901 ((914)) 946

    Tua Ra..impas jungkong ani hehe
    Grats boss @Noys

  17. Piskot ramble raman… Igo raman ipalit ug ladies drink, makatapal paman ug mag sabak-sabak pa ha ha ha…
    Matsalams bitaw sa mga congrats…

  18. 9PM ENTRY 676 667 667
    DEF 767

    Pambili ng DUCATI

    Yours truly,the only and most handsome sharer on this site.


    2pm result>>>>>>>159✓
    5pm result>>>>>>>194✓
    9pm result>>>>>>>963✓

    Winner entry status!
    Master @ottol>>>>>>>6 points
    Master @ lala>>>>>>>2points
    Master @bobong>>>>> 1 point
    Master @noy>≥>>>>>>1 point

    Day 1 >>>>>whole draw no winner!
    Day 2>≥>>>1 winner !
    Day 3>>>>>1 winner
    Day 4>>>>>winner for 9pm entry!
    @master lala

    Extension ;
    Congrats @master lala @master jhorix @ master marque
    Congratulation guys galing !

  20. Congrats master lala.. 369.. Rambol.. Res 963..sayang..

    Hi Master rasec migawas na gayud imong number 936. Rambol lng..
    Hi Master Noy congrats
    Sa 5pm draw..

    Hi Master em imong 159 posted may 11
    .mugawas gayud sayang nalimtan nko tayagimintin onta nko na taya..limot jud ko., Sayang uy. Pero sa 5pm nakatiyam tiyam ko 194..thank u
    . Mintin tayaan nko buto. Giigang. Hihi.. Doha onta ka daug.. 159..sayang gyud ba.. Hihi

    Ug karon ligasan akoa 934..hihi.

    Congrats 963…daug…ajong gabii tanan..

  21. C @ jhorix @ marque sayang d bblikan hope MNLO padin kayo sa bulsa
    Puso’y AQ nbliktad 936 369 639 PG k kamote tlga tinarget kpa lhat 963 lumabas AROYYYY!

  22. Congrats to all 9pm draw lucky winners

    May 16, 2024 at 1:10 PM
    698 683 362
    692 (((693))) 364

    021 688 699
    Prediction pair:
    _62 _63 _64 _65
    all draws today

  23. Good evening PS team/Admin…
    Congrats all winners yesterday and today….. Salamat . Pusoy pa rin

  24. Good evening PS team Admin/Master. @ TIGER anu bang diskarte mo bat lagi Kang nananalo sa 3d. Na niniwala Ako nananalo ka tlga pag my tao ka sa oblo pero ok rin pg my Alam ka sa pag compute, formulas etc. kz magkaroon ka idea Kong Anong possible pwd lumabas. Ako tlgang zero balance Kya mahirap manalo. Salamat admin…… Salamat master @ TIGER.

  25. @zywar minsan bahagi kna mga tricks combination May pitong tricks AQ n mgshare DTo nuon tatlo d kna n share lhat KC binabara AQ nuon pero nagtanong k eshare GSTO mo b tlga
    Master zywar ?

  26. Hindi q pinagdadamot ang munting kaalaman KC lhat tayo mmtay pantay-pantay mabuti itinanong mo @zywar
    Lhat ng mga bettors d AQ naniniwala n isang combine LNG tinatayaan lhat yan May lambat system n lihim DTo battle of few best combie LNG sini-share ..c RASEC MGALING yan binabara LNG din tlga ng mga ibng haters dangertrude c em c master ofw marami pang IB mapipigilan LNG cla DTo sa 3d ibat ib ang mga paraan ng bwat sharer AQ IB din minsan May mga pgkakataon nagkakatugma sa majority formula ng basic formula AQ
    7 tricks formula mga best guide pattern q mapipigilan LNG AQ Kya control sa share KC nagagalit ung ib

  27. DTo MRAMING mgagalin sa totoo LNG nagpigil LNG subukan May money prize maglabasan mga yan un ung totoo…AQ May prize o WLA May iaatake q best in personal share and post share ..KNG pwede LNG e post ang screen shot winning day q makikita mo mga galawan at atake q sa pagtaya c 3dluckhinter May logic din sa c jodiaz at jhorix

  28. Paktay Tau Jan ka Dami pala 7 tricks master @ TIGER hehe. Anyway salamat. SS q na lang master. Salamat

  29. @zywar mag-umpisa tau sa tricks number 1
    Find the best post whole draw post pagmasdan mo to
    Kunin mo ang 2pm result at 5pm result un ang Gwin mong poste sample 2pm 194 5pm 963 so May poste kna while draw yan
    Second option poste result first digit ng 2pm 5p and 9 pm kunin mo Gwin mong poste sample 159 194 963
    So May mbuo kna
    Now we get the post na pupunta n tau sa best pairing guide.

  30. Tricks number 2 best pairing guide combination!
    Ito hindi pinapansin ng karamihan or d p tlga nila alam sa 0123456789 totoo Jan at isa to sa best pairing tricks
    How to get pair?
    Let’s find the pair
    Lower house pair
    01234 is equal to five digit yan
    01 02 03 04
    12 13 14
    23 24
    34 so we have 10 pair already na nabuo sa lower pair
    Let’s go to upper house pair
    56 57 58 59
    67 68 69
    78 79
    Yan na nabuo n ang pair upper house
    Ang tanong paanu mo ghmitin to
    Here is our tactical tracing and timing technique
    May poste n tau DBA track tracing tau ngyon napansin mo ang result today
    159 194 963 right
    Isang lower house dalwang upper house tumira c balls first draw upper house 59✓anung poste khpon
    1-booom 159✓
    Second raw lower house 14✓
    Sa third draw sumagot upper house
    96✓pares nya 3
    So ibig sabhin DTo PG tinira mo ang pair ng upper house gamitin mo ang lower house na pamares..PG c lower house ang pairing mo gamitin mo c upper house n pamares so ok n tau sa tricks number 2
    We will proceed to common basic formula nman ngyon review!

  31. Ang tyaga mo mag sulat master @ TIGER. Ang Dami nyam hehe. Anyway salamat…. Automatic SS na to.

  32. Tricks number 3 common basic formula and daily winnable guide formula ito ung binabasihsn ng karamihan pero ito May tamang positioning n PG buo
    Sample let’s find the pair
    Ang result today
    159 194 963
    Find the missing number anu un?
    Ito un ung WLA Jan n number sa tatlong draw un ang missing ntin
    0278= to 4 digit xa let’s form into pair
    20 70 80
    72 82
    Ito ung pair best ntin sa missing now lets find the previous result number base on three draw result
    134569=to 6 number now let’s form into pair
    31 41 51 61 91
    43 53 63 93
    54 64 94
    65 95
    Now may pair n tau sa trick number 3
    Lgi ntin tatandaan HWAG bibitiw sa post best guide ntin ng tricks number 1
    Ito ung mga atake q araw araw May tricks number 4 5 6 7 pa aq

  33. Gnun LNG pre May gusto mgtanung sasagutin gustong MLAMAN ang ibng tricks turo q atleast nkbhgi AQ hindi q pinagdamot ang mga tricks q yes totoo walang sure KC binobola pero IB ung May formula ka KNG mgkalambatan man hindi ka mbibitin sa gusto mo’ng atake MKUKUHA mo Jan ang 3combie n GSTO mo base Jan sa mga gnwa ntin pre zywar

  34. Mga Master’s 3D Sharers kung wala kayo lalong kawawa ang mga Pobre bettors, Salamat sa pagtulong niyo sa pagbigay Share best near probables. God Bless all your families.

  35. Ung 4567 next day pgbtanung mo ulit ibbgay q pre zywar gnun tlga AQ mtyga sa buhay mtyga sa lhat ng bagay KHIT sa sarili KNG negosyo ang gbi gngwa KNG araw KHIT nung nagaaral p AQ self supporting AQ trbho sa gbi aral sa araw kumbaga ever since n practice kna sarili q slamat bro sa tiwala at pgbtanung KHIT CNU ibbhgi q ang kaalaman karunungan DTo sa mundo lhat tayo lilipas atleast May ambag tayo at contribution sa lipunan ng kabutihan mhrap man o mayaman lhat tayo pantay pantay sa lupa hihiga Kya love our co Filipino share our best GDNYT and love god above all!enjoy habang tayo mabubuhay mgmhalan magtulungan mgpkumbaba mgbgayan ego is the greatest enemy of human existing!

  36. Salamat master @ TIGER Oo Tama ka nga binubola pa eh. Isa pa bilog Ang bola pero at least kahit papanu my guide na Ako hehe. Pwed nang umataki Basta my bala hehe. Once again salamat sa effort master @ TIGER. Salamat sa spasyo admin at pag pasensyahan Muna Ako admin madalang lang to hehe. Salamat and good night all

  37. Ikinagagalak q ang lhat Sau kptid n may dios n mahabagin at dios na May pagpapakumbaba at May Dios n maawain good luck @zywar hindi AQ magtatalino talinohan gmwa LNG tlga AQ ng sarili KNG formula life yan kptid KHIT anung klaseng 3 digit game mggmit yan ng KHIT CNU since 1992 hanggang ngyon yan padin gnmit q n mga formula hindi ko tlga mzero sa pnlo Jan kptid zywar

  38. My point ka sir/ma’am @ joyvic. Pero ang sa akin lang ay mrun kunting kaalan or guide. Hnd nmn Po pwd tayaan lahat. Iba pa rin ung my guide. Oo my guide na Tau sa site ni admin pero ayus na rin my Isa pang guide gaya nitong stelo sa pag compute ni master @ TIGER. At salamat pa rin sa effort master @ TIGER.

  39. Nung nakaraang Araw Puno na yong sinalansan ko sa empty package tape na mga resebo sa swertres sinunog ko na hehe. 2 months ata un naipon ko Hindi nanalo hehe. Good night and sweet dreams all hehe. Tq

  40. MRAMING salamat sa inyo isa LNG pina paabot sa ating lhat ang saganang akin ito simple logic LNG tingnan ninyo at pagmasdan ang mga dalubhasa o KHIT ang scietest bago cla magsimula anu unang gngwa formula pgktpos experimentation
    Pgktpos observation bgo plang magkaroon ng conclusion ..
    Ang mundo ay merong tatlong laro anu un una game of the leader pngalawa game of the general pangatlo game of the gamblers
    KNG WLA kang formula or strategic tactics Matic 90% k you will pay the spoil of war or any battle but the game of gamblers is different dictation,technology and monopology
    How you will win use a formula that they cannot skip in the fair battle.
    Icipin ntin anung meron sa knla n WLA STIN anung Kya nila n d q Kya un LNG.
    Thank GDNYT I love you all!

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