CEBU SWERTRES HEARING Mindanao Oct 8, 2021

PCSO Swertres Hearing Maintain Today

Friday October 08, 2021 – Here is the PCSO Swertres Hearing today, Swertres Hearing Online, 3D Hearing, Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips Probables, Swer3 Hearing Calendar Guide, Swertres Pasakay Pairing and analysis.

Welcome to the No.1 3D Swertres Hearing site in the Philippines!

3d lotto hearingSwertres Hearing is one of the most popular topics discussed by Filipinos today. 3D Lotto – Swertres Lotto draw is being held daily at 2pm, 5pm and 9pm by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Typically, PCSO Lotto Hearing contains the Combinations Digits and Pairing along with Pasakay Guides. these will help our users to make their Lotto Winning Strategy almost 90% accurate.

PCSO Official Lotto Result Today October 08, 2021:

PCSO has announced the SWERTRES and other lottery results for today. Here at, we make sure that all Results we update are accurate. However, we still encourage our Pinoy Swertres followers to verify the winning numbers by visiting PCSO’s official website.

2D LOTTO RESULT Today – Here is the 2D Lotto Results today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO EZ2 lotto is refreshed every day 2pm, 5pm and 9pm.

Here is More PCSO Lotto Result Update:

SWERTRES HEARING Today For Today October 27, 2021!

3D SWERTRES LOTTO RESULT October 27, 2021 (2pm, 5pm and 9pm updates)

2D EZ2 LOTTO RESULT October 27, 2021 (2pm, 5pm and 9pm updates)

STL RESULT Today October 27, 2021 Vis-Min (10:30am, 3pm and 7pm updates)

LOTTO RESULT Today October 27, 2021 (9pm updates)

EZ2 / 2D Lotto Result

2PM : 04-24
5PM : 10-09
9PM : 20-09
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

3D SWERTRES RESULT Today – Here is the 3D Swertres Results today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO Swertres lotto refreshed every day 2pm, 5pm and 9pm.

‎3D Swertres Results

02PM : 4-3-9
05PM : 3-4-0
09PM : 0-4-0
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,500.00 per 10 peso play

4D LOTTO RESULT – Here is the PCSO 4D/4-Digit Lotto Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 4D Lotto results released three days in a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm.

4D PCSO Lotto Result

9PM: 4-9-6-9
Winning numbers in exact order

6/45 LOTTO RESULTS Today – Here is the Mega Lotto 6/45 Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/45 Lotto results are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm.

Mega 6/45 Lotto Result

9PM: 39-38-05-11-29-41
Jackpot: Php 8,976,831.80
Winning numbers in any order

PCSO 6/58 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6/58 result today announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Ultra Lotto 6/58 results are released every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9pm.

Ultra 6/58 Lotto Result

9PM: 49-20-32-15-22-01
Jackpot: Php 168,558,747.60
Winning numbers in any order

STL Lotto Results Today October 08, 2021

STL Pares Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer3 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer2 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

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PCSO broadcast their lottery draw through PTV and their official YouTube channel.

The PCSO Lotto result updated above is 2D EZ2 Lotto, 3D Swertres Lotto, 4D PCSO Lotto Results, Mega 6/45 PCSO Results, Grand 6/55 Lotto. Small Town Lottery (STL) STL Pares, STL Swer3 and STL 2-Digits(Swer2). All the results being updated at intervals of 2:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips and Techniques published here daily before the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO Swertres Results announced. So, if you want to get an idea about Today to draw then follow the hearing tips daily and Visit our Website from time to time to check the latest 2pm, 5pm & 9pm Swertres Hearing.

Looking for 3D Hearing / Swertres Hearing today

No one can predict the winning numbers for Swertres or any other PCSO lotto game results. However, there are some Swertres analyzers who compile previous Swertres results and make analyses based on their gathered data. These analyses are called ‘probables’, ‘hearing’ or ‘guides’. PS.Team sharing 3D Swertres Hearing since 2014. For more updates join us on Facebook

Swertres Hearing Maintain and Probables Today

Most our of social media fans ask to us What is the best Swertres Hearing for today? or What is the Best Swertres Guide for today? We are PS.Team here to help you win Swertres Lotto. Below is our Swertres Pairing guide, Pasakay guide, Swertres Hot and Cold numbers, Swertres daily hearing, and Swertres monthly hearing. Here is Swertres hearing for today 2pm – 5pm – 9pm draws:

Swertres Pasakay Guide Today

Pasakay Guide October 08, 2021 – 08 – 36 – 79

Swer3 Lotto Pasakay Guide

Pasakay Guide October 08, 2021 – 81 – 39 – 78

PS Team Pasakay Guide Today

Rex31: 19 – Jendyle: 24 – Jishan: 167

Swertres Pairing Guide Today

Pairing Guide is one of the most effective guides to winning the Swertres lotto game. These PAIRINGS are good for today 2pm 5pm and 9pm. draws.

Swertres Pairing

October 08, 2021
( 73, 71, 33, 31 ) 99.99% Probability

STL Swer3 Pairing

October 08 2021
( 29, 27, 89, 87 ) 99.99% Probability

Swertres Hot & Cold Numbers

Swertres Lotto Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers can be done very simply way, if you have access to Swertres results history, you can do basic analysis on your own to pinpoint the hot and cold numbers.

Swertres Hot Numbers – 0 3 7 8
Swertres Cold Numbers – 1 2 5 6

PCSO Swertres Hearing Today

We P.S Team use Hot numbers and Some secret analysis to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11am – 4pm – 9pm draws:

PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow

We P.S Team use Hot numbers and Some secret analysis to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11am – 4pm – 9pm draws:

Best Swertres Hearing For Today!

Today Hot Swertres and Swer3 combination = 786 – 264 – 620594 – 185 – 943

3D Swertres Monthly Hearing!

807 – 032 – 254 – 929 –030
735 – 018 – 927 – 595 – 579
127 – 757 – 417 – 263 – 298

BABALA: Without our permission do not copy/screenshots our hearing to post in your Lotto outlet, Facebook timeline, pages and groups. Under Philippine cyber copyrights law, copyright infringement is punishable. If we catch you up with any Copyright Violation with our hearing, than the penalty would be P150,000 to P1,000,000.00 or 3 months to 6 years in prison.


Swertres Result History is Here on this page, You can access the Record of All Previous Swertres Result History.

The 3D SWERTRES HEARING TODAY that updated above are based on Previous results, Calendar guide, Pairing, Psakay which call Mix Methodologies. Those methods are extremely valuable to win SWERTRES / 3D Lotto. Paskey Guides are the most important to win Swertres/3D Lotto. Without these guides, you do not get the best results.

Get the Latest Swertres Hearing Today and the other PCSO Lotto & their results are also published here from the Official Source.

Disclaimer: These are not the confirmed digits or there is no guarantee that these numbers, pairs, and combinations are confirmed. These are the suggestions, tips, and calculations sharing by our experts and PCSO professionals. However, you can get an idea from these digits.

Note: Always Bet at your own risk however we posted here some hearings. Best of Luck and have a Good Day.

This post is about PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow, PCSO Swertres Hearing Today for 11am 4pm 9pm Draws. PCSO Swertres Hearing Tips Probables,, Swertres Hearing Maintain Today Now and much more!

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  1. gud mwning ADMIN at sa lahat na mga ka PS



  2. Good morning po sa lahat
    Sana makadaog ku run pangpalit og tambal hohoho
    Salamat admin

  3. Morning admin ug MGA masters, please post mo ug sa yo into mga guide @JULIA ma’am post imo pairs ug Sayo ma’am please ug oic ni ma’am @SPANKY13

  4. TGIF everyone..
    Panaghap, Pamasin, Patsamba, Paswertihay…mao ni 4Ps sa Swertres..
    Hahaha.. morning all

  5. Good morning sa tanan.
    2pm Entry:136 425
    5pm Entry:425 617
    9pm Entry:136 617
    Lasto 36 25 17

  6. 779=739=231=123
    339=579 all draw sana palarin
    Kalooyan Lang tawn sir admin
    Ty sa pang araw araw na guide.

  7. Morning hurot..esp to admin,sir bump,smoke,Sofia..
    2 pm entry..
    Tnx @admin

  8. all dro T /R

    157 929
    147 349
    450 407
    836 833

    378 478 778 788 148

    tnx admin sa space

  9. Good morning Sir/Ma’am
    Specially to our ADMIN ❤️ Godbless all

    Reporst lang ko sa
    ENTRY. (((((465)))))) m10

    For 10/08/2021
    REGALO ++++(247)++++
    2PM AND 9PM only

    Congratulations po sa lahat

  10. morning Admin
    morning mga K PS
    morning Ma’am @Sofia, big congrats po kagabii…. maraming salamat din po may panghanda n naman sa misa. mka hilak jud ko ma’am bait bait mo talaga sa nangangailangan…noted ko po yong message mo kapon.
    God Bless po

  11. good morning admin and all..
    2pm base..
    242 244
    686 688
    727 722
    787 788
    kamo sumpay guys!!!

  12. 2pm entry ,5pm
    087,021,041,705at ur own risk

  13. @ rasec… sir sleep ba muna ME wake me up if you see ME
    thanks,,,strike the band one two three you cant speel awesome with ME

  14. Good Morning Admin, master redhorse, master joel an to all master here!!!
    Entry for 2pm draws: 097*057*037
    Non Entry (Probables Only) for 2pm Draws:
    Eka: 453*432*321
    3U: 333*777*888
    Mak: 467
    M10: 385*028*152*692
    Bet your own Risk!!

  15. Bidaa kapamilya


    KMSTA KAU LAHAT !!☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️

    CODING – ( 9 )

    SURE- ( 9 )
    91 – 95 – 96
    DOUBLE – ( 99 )

    SPECIAL COMBI – ( 291 ) – ( 925 )

  16. maayo adlaw maski dag om dito sa amin….
    pasincya medyo tag-vis ako mag gama mensahe dito ha…
    congrats 5pm sa akong post ramble….pero dami numero medyo nag baha yong post ko, kasi base lang ako sa angle angle guide ko pero yong pa sure ko nga 4 100% yata yon… heheh tag-vis tirada…. kasi libre mensahe dito dami ma taypan ko.. hehehe

    guys kong mo gawas si 1 ngayon.. don’t mis it guys
    190 180 146 147
    idolllllllllllllllllllll bumpssssssssssssssssss ali na dito
    idollllllllllllllllllll Rest45 bunalllllll nata dito.. heheh

  17. Good morning Boss G..

    Guys labas na nanjan na c Boss G.. ano na kaya meaning nito

  18. Entry
    2pm 378 743 317
    5pm 378 743 317
    9pm 018
    Target rambol
    mayron paba pa contest ng October
    May entry ako na 729 target ug karon atangi

  19. 2pm to 5pm entry: 023 T/R

    *344 hapit na ug duol na.
    *458 duol na.

    Good day admins! Thank you.

    SET A: 2, 2, 5, 5, 2, 2
    SET B: 0, 3, 7
    L2POSTE: (7) (8)
    3DPOSTE: (0) (1) (8)
    DOBOLTROBOL (88all)
    HOTnSPICY: (901) (546) (342) (367 067 M10jUD hapit na)

  21. good morning ka
    master GICIAN hapitan tika sa MARAMAG kung mugawas tong number nimu 🙂 hehe

  22. Raul C. Ra-ulo

    Good morning tanan…hope daug ta karun…
    ……sa sige kog basa – basa sa mga conbo dire makaka tawa na lng ta…nay kausa hapit ko ma hagbong sa akong lingkoranan tungod sa ka kusog sa hangin… hehehe

  23. Good morning to ALL & ADMIN!!!
    ALL Draws Guide (70,03,36,81)
    2pm-9pm entry:
    ((703)) ((813)) ((636))
    Def: 704,603,911
    M2 until Oct. 10—->>>863 bsta mu slide dangub!!!

  24. Sweetandspicy21

    @River- hi same tag thought from @boss Gician…heheh posibol today escalera 789-987…hope to win…gdmrning all..

  25. 2 PM Draw entry
    Non entry

    5 PM draw entry
    Non entry

    9 PM Draw entry
    Non entry

  26. Morning admin!!
    Morning psmates!!!

    Gratz to you,@sunshine!!
    Ako, akala q pera na, naging hangin pa..
    Nainis q konti, kc, ung pahabol q 615, senend ng asher ng 915.d q na hiningi stub.kc,tiwala naman ako. kaya, Shock ako ngaung umaga, Buti nlang ramble Lang 20.,sinabihan q, nabingi kba, ung 615 q, ginawa mong 915?
    Buti pa nasa Likuran q, Natandaan,ung tinayaan q….
    Sorry daw. Hay, naku..Lord, Pailuba.. Lesson learned.hehehe

    My bet
    Gl to me!!!
    Gl everyone!!!

    Thanks admin!!!

  27. Good morning to all……….
    Mostly to Sir @Rasec, @Gican
    @Rasec #1 fun gyud ko taud2 na ani nga site.
    Then #1 gyud kang ako sige gi follow [email protected]
    Pero sa akung ka busy sa life pud as a single mother munang, bisan usahay ehungit na nimo ang mga clue ug combi. Di gyapun nako madakpan kay malibog na ug tungod sa ka busy pud. May gani nga katung M10 260 naka ramble ko ug 15 kaluuy sa ginoo. Tabang na kaayo pang sud an ug bugas. Thank you lord kaayo ug Salamat kaayo. Karun gaatubang mi ug problema sa aming bill sa hospital mga Sir, basun maka dakop ko sa inyong mga e post nga maayo tayaan for help sa mga nagkinahanglan gyud. [email protected]@Gician ug uban pang mga Best Master ani nga site. Take your time, kay wala man pud mo namugos ug nanawag para mag follow ninyo. Mga sir , magpasalaamat gyud ko ug dako kay sa madali ug madugay , dili gyud mo makalimot ug share sa inyong mga HINAGUANG patsadang makatabang sa tanan. Andam ra gyud ko kanunay maghulat sa inyong mga e share sir.
    Total ang hospital gipapirma naman ko ug promisory note sa among bill in the amount entry
    sana all draw $ 1.2500$$$.
    @Rasec muhangyo ko in advance pamasko Sir.
    @Gician & all Master sharer.
    @Admin daghang kaayong salamat.

  28. @Rasec Sir, sanay SANAY ULITULITIN mo ang
    mga magic word . Kasi hindi ko alam Sir @Rasec kung sino sa kanila or karun ba pud sya.
    [email protected]Rasec ,konting kanta naman dyan,para marinig ko naman at makakanta ko rin.Please,Please Please……..
    Salamat [email protected]
    Keep safe always Sir

  29. @mam Sofia, akala ko nga daogan ka kay imo adto m10. Sus kasayang gudman. Tisiring na unta ako nga mapasyada na ak ngada haim kay daugan ka. Hehe. Ano tim bago nga m10?

  30. Hi sir BIDAA KAPAMILYA welcome bck sir nagasunod pd ko sa imo mga guide sa una sir maayo unta mogawas n ning ako m10 nga 912 gilumutan n gyud ni dako n pondo ky pisoy dugay ipagawas basin ikaw r gipaabot ani hehehe.. salamat nag anam n gyud pamalik ang mga master… my 2 pm entry 192 912 863 tnx admin gd luck happy winning all…

  31. @spanky13
    Diri gad aq lugi ky nka swerte aq han 729,519, dida Domingo….
    Pansina ini magbbarkda..
    Pero, it hatag ni A, may asterisk, Igbaw.
    It urhi amo lat8t…
    Sunod nla kita chika anay….


  33. 2pm entry

    40 all 740 840
    80 all 780 380
    best double ((99))((00))
    299 199 599 200 800

  34. Tama jud ka @Sir PICOY.
    Share lng inyo number combinations.. Perting ka love letter jud. Haskang taasa 😀

  35. Raul C. Ra-ulo

    sayop guro nig nasudlan ang uban…heheheh ug mag padayag mo sa inyo sintimento sa inyo mga idol…adto mo sa Brigada news or Love radio hehehehehe ayaw sub mi pabasaha ug isa ka pad dire…..hehehe

  36. Maayo pa si Bro Rasec may love letter pa hehehe
    Share lang 789 3 draws
    Thanks admin

  37. Sweetandspicy21

    DONNAMVJ- hahahahahah idol pd nko c @Rasec pero murag na over over npd ini imuha….hope to win all..

  38. superman ( man of steel )

    gd pm admin share
    (11) 115
    (15) 125 155 158
    other pair no
    (55) 255 555
    (19) 159 129 189
    (95) 559 259 589

  39. Good afternoon admin, ano po best for 5pm today na pwde itaya at manalo naman tayo for once.. Thankyou

  40. Sir
    Bidaa kapamilya
    Anong secreto mo sir kasi hanggang ngayon baby face ka parin!!!

    Depensa nko sir (145__233). Dilikokalimotane sir imo mane hatag sauna..

  41. Bidaa kapamilya




    CODING – ( 6 )

    62 – 65

  42. .recap (08/20/21 @ 10:30 am)
    93 – 439
    .tnx admin

  43. Good afternoon mga Sir/Ma’am
    Pasensya na, hindi na po mauulit.
    Mahirap kasi , wala mapagsabihan.
    Sorry po, tao lang po,Nagkakamali.
    Pasensya na ADMIN..
    Subrang thank you sa lahat nang SHARER✌️

  44. @ boss rasec…naharang Ako ng tatlong pulis ..sana mamaya palabasin ako….nag check point…siguro..

  45. Entry for 5pm draws: 070*079*410
    Non Entry (Probables Only) for 5pm Draws:
    Eka: 354*432*321
    3U: 333*777*888
    Mak: 062
    M10: 385*028*152*692
    Bet your own Risk!!

  46. Godbless all specially to our Admin
    Congratulations daan ❤️❤️❤️

  47. 735 757 unta karon nani chairman on committee ( ╹▽╹ ) hehe

  48. yes 340 target tenk u pcso
    taga bunal na pod pobre tag 10/10 tawn daog ka maayo na lang fiesta sardinas.

  49. @Mam YANYAN salamat kau mam nkatapad na pud ko sa imong combi. Ikaw na jud mam.. God bless us always mam. Thank u

  50. Good evening, karon pa kauli sayo.
    @ LERO
    NAkadaog ka sa 439?
    Ni post paman ko gabii nga nakadaug kog gamay sa 793 ,pero wala nako i share kay taod taod na nga mintin nako.
    Ang kauban kay 394.
    Naka rumble ko gamay brod.

  51. ingat sa pair
    (((( 43 ))))
    wapa ni mahuman!!!
    mag biga biga pani.
    Menten 2 days only
    (((( 042 )))))
    target rambolito
    hope walang slide. Gudluck
    sa motaya.

  52. Good eve admin on and off ra ko mag view… walang kakupas kupas grats dol Rest 45 for pairing 04/05 sayang mine 540 next time ulit… thanks admin

  53. 9pm entry
    777,708at ur own rosk.
    Seven rau kna mallosutan….zer0 nyaek nakalusot p pastilan dolor…aguyy.nya kabutangan..
    .edoy spanky oic nimo budoy..latag na.

  54. sir rasec unsay best nimo aning 5 og 8 sir?hihi naglibog ko kung mag uban ba ni sila or dili post na sir rasec

  55. Good evening Admin ug mga ka PS! Sir @Rasec, unsay best nato para 9pm sir? Wait ko imong post sir. Thank you Admin.

  56. Sir @PAL
    Wla ko kataya sir ky gkan ko SSS CDO nagprocess ko sa pension sa akng mama. Sayanga lagi kaau sir oi. Hope mkasabay nko sunod

  57. Entry for 9pm draws: 070*079*410
    Non Entry (Probables Only) for 9pm Draws:
    Eka: 354*432*321
    3U: 333*777*888
    Mak: 062
    M10: 385*028*152*692
    Bet your own Risk!!

  58. Boss Gician and Admin

    716 po sana pang 9 pm lang po mintin ng asawa ko kasi birthday po ng anak ko ngayung October 16 hehehe kaya po 716 sana po palarin kayu napo bahala 9pm lang niya po binibilhan malapit na sana kaso parati akong talo iwan ko ba kung bakit ang malas ko sa sugal na ito
    Sanay mabasa nyu salamat mo

    Hoping for your answer

  59. Mayong gabii sa Tanan!!!
    Wala koy kombinasyon Karon… Pero duna koy duha nga pangita a an ug asawa..(( _73)).

  60. Mag target sana Master Rasec para may pang ako sa bunso ko ngayon November 14…thanks po

  61. @Rasec: ang dalawang itlog kay tapad mas imohang “numero sa gugma” dong oy. Sayanga wa jud nako nakita.

  62. @REST45 xur ko nakadaog ka sa 240 nimu hehe ipadayun paba gihapon og m10 ang 240 master rest45? (✷‿✷)

  63. Unsay meaning ug escalera? Salamat daan sa tubag. Adto ta nako ni ihulog ni Picoy ning pangutanaha ug ni Kapugsit kaso seryoso man silang duha ron pangitag numero. 🙂

    Good morning natong tanan!

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