BEST SWERTRES HEARING Today December 12, 2021

PCSO Swertres Hearing Maintain Today

Sunday, December 12, 2021 – Here is the PCSO Swertres Hearing today, Swertres Hearing Online, 3D Hearing, Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips Probables, Swer3 Hearing Calendar Guide, Swertres Pasakay Pairing, and analysis.

Welcome to the No.1 3D Swertres Hearing site in the Philippines!

3d lotto hearingSwertres Hearing is one of the most popular topics discussed by Filipinos today. 3D Lotto – Swertres Lotto draw is being held daily at 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Typically, PCSO Lotto Hearing contains the Combinations Digits and Pairing along with Pasakay Guides. these will help our users to make their Lotto Winning Strategy almost 90% accurate.

PCSO Official Lotto Result Today December 12, 2021:

PCSO has announced the SWERTRES and other lottery results for today. Here at, we make sure that all Results we update are accurate. However, we still encourage our Pinoy Swertres followers to verify the winning numbers by visiting PCSO’s official website.

2D LOTTO RESULT Today – Here is the 2D Lotto Results today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO EZ2 lotto are refreshed every day 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm.

Here is More PCSO Lotto Result Update:

SWERTRES HEARING Today Today January 17, 2022!

3D SWERTRES LOTTO RESULT January 17, 2022 (2pm, 5pm and 9pm updates)

2D EZ2 LOTTO RESULT January 17, 2022 (2pm, 5pm and 9pm updates)

STL RESULT Today January 17, 2022 Vis-Min (10:30am, 3pm and 7pm updates)

LOTTO RESULT Today January 17, 2022 (9pm updates)

EZ2 / 2D Lotto Result

2PM : 09-03
5PM : 23-07
9PM : 05-07
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

3D SWERTRES RESULT Today – Here are the 3D Swertres Results today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO Swertres lotto refreshed every day 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm.

‎3D Swertres Results

02PM : 8-6-4
05PM : 1-8-0
09PM : 4-1-3
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,500.00 per 10 peso play

6/49 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6/49 Lotto Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/49 Super Lotto results are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9:00 pm.

Super 6/49 Lotto Result

9PM: 28-45-36-02-16-14
Jackpot: Php 59,654,675.60
Winning numbers in any order

6/58 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the Ultra Lotto 6/58 Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/58 Ultra Lotto results are released every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9:00 pm.

Ultra 6/58 Lotto Result

9PM: 44-08-09-11-36-57
Jackpot: Php 49,500,000.00
Winning numbers in any order

STL Lotto Results Today December 12, 2021

STL Pares Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer3 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer2 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

PCSO broadcast their lottery draw through PTV and their official YouTube channel.

The PCSO Lotto result updated above is 2D EZ2 Lotto, 3D Swertres Lotto, 4D PCSO Lotto Results, Mega 6/45 PCSO Results, Grand 6/55 Lotto. Small Town Lottery (STL) STL Pares, STL Swer3, and STL 2-Digits(Swer2). All the results are updated at intervals of 2:00 AM, 5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM.

For More Updates SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel ....

Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips and Techniques published here daily before the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO Swertres Results announced. So, if you want to get an idea about Today to draw then follow the hearing tips daily and Visit our Website from time to time to check the latest 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm Swertres Hearing.

Looking for 3D Hearing / Swertres Hearing today

No one can predict the winning numbers for Swertres or any other PCSO lotto game results. However, there are some Swertres analyzers who compile previous Swertres results and make analyses based on their gathered data. These analyses are called ‘probables’, ‘hearing’ or ‘guides’. PS.Team sharing 3D Swertres Hearing since 2014. For more updates join us on Facebook

Swertres hearing today

Swertres Hearing Maintain and Probables Today

Most our of social media fans ask us What is the best Swertres Hearing for today? or What is the Best Swertres Guide for today? We are PS.Team here to help you win Swertres Lotto. Below is our Swertres Pairing guide, Pasakay guide, Swertres Hot and Cold numbers, Swertres daily hearing, and Swertres monthly hearing. Here is Swertres hearing for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

Swertres Pasakay Guide Today

Pasakay Guide December 12, 2021 – 12 – 38 – 79

Swer3 Lotto Pasakay Guide

Pasakay Guide December 12, 2021 – 81 – 39 – 78

PS Team Pasakay Guide Today

Rex31: 29 – Jendyle: 07 – Jishan: 168

Swertres Pairing Guide Today

Pairing Guide is one of the most effective guides to winning the Swertres lotto game. These PAIRINGS are good for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws.

Swertres Pairing

December 12, 2021
( 98, 96, 58, 56 ) 99.99% Probability

STL Swer3 Pairing

December 12, 2021
( 29, 27, 89, 87 ) 99.99% Probability

Swertres Hot & Cold Numbers

Swertres Lotto Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers can be done the very simple way, if you have access to Swertres results history, you can do basic analysis on your own to pinpoint the hot and cold numbers.

Swertres Hot Numbers – 1 2 5 6
Swertres Cold Numbers – 0 3 8 9

PCSO Swertres Hearing Today

Our P.S Team uses Hot numbers and Some secret analyses to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow

Our P.S Team uses Hot numbers and Some secret analyses to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

Best Swertres Hearing For Today!

Today Hot Swertres and Swer3 combination = 018 – 790 – 349 – 786 – 246 – 340

3D Swertres Monthly Hearing!

860 – 318 – 431 – 639 – 775
821 – 508 – 549 – 328 – 615
982 – 257 – 901 – 107 – 604

BABALA: Without our permission do not copy/screenshots our hearing to post in your Lotto outlet, Facebook timeline, pages, and groups. Under Philippine cyber copyrights law, copyright infringement is punishable. If we catch you up with any Copyright Violation with our hearing, then the penalty would be P150,000 to P1,000,000.00 or 3 months to 6 years in prison.


Swertres Result History is Here on this page, You can access the Record of All Previous Swertres Result History.

The 3D SWERTRES HEARING TODAY that updated above are based on Previous results, Calendar guide, Pairing, Psakay which call Mix Methodologies. Those methods are extremely valuable to win SWERTRES / 3D Lotto. Paskey Guides are the most important to win Swertres/3D Lotto. Without these guides, you do not get the best results.

Get the Latest Swertres Hearing Today and the other PCSO Lotto & their results are also published here from the Official Source.

Disclaimer: These are not the confirmed digits or there is no guarantee that these numbers, pairs, and combinations are confirmed. These are the suggestions, tips, and calculations shared by our experts and PCSO professionals. However, you can get an idea from these digits.

Note: Always Bet at your own risk however we posted here some hearings. Best of Luck and Have a Good Day.

This post is about PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow, PCSO Swertres Hearing Today for 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm Draws. PCSO Swertres Hearing Tips Probables, Swertres Hearing Maintain Today Now, and much more!

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  1. Yes master rasec,,, laban lang kami here hekhek. Manalo rin kami sa mga bigay mong numbers master rasec and master gician.

    Good morning CDO

  2. Good morning admin, chairman, masters, sharers, viewers.

    (((301))))(((401))) wag smoliiiiiin. Hahaha

    Salamat admin, chairman.
    Goodmorning all.

  3. Good morning all
    (2pm-5pm)entry only
    M10 until or before Christmas
    Goodluck & advance “maayong pasko”

  4. A blessed Sunday to everyone most especially to Admin. Ngayon lng nakasilip uli. Sana manalo ang lahat para maging masaya ang pasko at may pambili ng regalo sa mga inaanakAng mentin kong 078 at 208, di pa talaga lumabas. Sir Rasec, anong magandang combi natin na pasok sa computation nyo sir or mentin pang noche buena? ✌Maraming salamat Admin at sa lahat ng sharers.✌

  5. A l e r t o !!! 54 draws delayed

    46 = 463-462-466

    44 = 446-443-448

    42 = 428-422-442

    Trio 444
    Fyi: not counted ang 417.. tuloy ang laban
    #Bagong Lipunan

  6. Good morning to all PS team…..
    Congrats sa ning daog
    Happy Sunday to all of us
    076-026-112 all draw entry
    Thanks admin

  7. good morning adm. all sharer.

    2pm entry 022-122-225

    others number 111-777-888-045-279-042-479-249-759-247-207-

    las2; 91-92-93-01-02-03-00-68-07-22-24-57-49-61-11-77-88

  8. good morning boss admin,
    @idol tatski bday mo ngayon?
    hbd idol , sabay idol ((122/112))
    sna lalabas …

  9. Mangayo ko ug pinaskuhan sa PCSO(((010))) hinaut mo gawas para malipay mga Bata.thank you admin.unsa may sureball ug hearing Karon para makadaug sad tawon ko pls.

  10. unsa na kaha balik nga numero
    1- 4 – 7
    14 all
    11 all
    47 all
    oso babalik result ni pcso, thank you pcso 417/147 naka bunal jud ko.

  11. Gud mwning All✌️
    2pm dro
    410. 501. 203
    923. 429. 592
    204. 205. 309
    448. 778. 788. 701. 901

  12. 2pm draw entry

    ☆ 068
    ☆ 503
    ☆ 309

    Xtra non entry
    356 820 985 253
    358 856 403 370

  13. Mayung udto sa tanan
    Admin maayong pasko.
    Huhuhu, wala nako kataya kay wala nakoy ekataya. Akung last sinsulyo ako ni etaya run, basun makadaug ko . Mga master’s mamasko ko ninyo please…….

    Salamat admin

    SET A: 6, 6, 9, 9, 9, 7
    SET B: 1, 4
    HOTnSPICY: (((434 or all) HAHAHA ALAMS NA!
    M10: (667)

  15. Maayong udto tanan.
    2pm entry
    708 609 771 TR

    No- Entry
    441 447 448 449 313 774 2PM KARON LANG
    Special til pasko nako.
    849 748 542

  16. Blessed Sunday to us!

    my 2pm entry – 609 – 251 – 754 – t/r 3 combis

    tnx admin

  17. Good nun admin & psmates!!!
    Gratz sa mga nnalo kgabi!!!

    My bet
    Gl to me!!!

    Happy [email protected]!!!
    Grave ung 122 natin, paantos..
    Hope ibigay na saung gift ito…

    Spare us nlang….., Alam mo naman kaming mga babae ma chika, d maiiwasan…..peace!!!!

    Goodluck everyone!!!!

    Thanks admin!!!!

  18. @idol master rasec happy sunday…anong maganda ngayon kapitbahay o c kumare.hehekhek…numerro pala..thanks admin..

  19. May sayad talaga Ito si tiger
    Pag ingit..pikit haha

    Peace admin and have a good Sunday

  20. Gyera na naman ba dios ko po mag-PAPASKO na mga sis/bro huwag na tama na mahiya nman tayo sa site pls.po…baka mahiya din itong lalabas [[ 134 ]] bago mag pasko hehehe,,,,Isang biro lang mga salita ko pero minsan magka-totoo kaya isipin nyong mabuti bago kayo sasabay sa mga numerous ko,,ok ba mga loadz?/

    Thanks Admin,,,

  21. 2pm result
    TIGER(5) ADIK(4) KA(2) target rambol iyang utak mo hek.hek.hek

    Peace be with you @admin katuwaan lang, sarap kasi asarin to hehe

  22. Gratz 864 winners!!!!

    Cease tau!!!!
    Baka ma close comment…
    Kkahiya sa administrator.

  23. Shut up na mga higala kay maikog ta ni Admin..
    (((769))) 5pm draw only
    Peace be with you all..

  24. pang birthday lang mga MASTERS …. Unsay maayo for 5pm. Thank you. Happy Sunday!

  25. bantay balik2 nos 468/861/498 if double pusoy ko, bantayan lang balik balik 2 nos sa 2pm result 864.

  26. Kakapoy cgeg ubo hasta ako baby natakdan sa ubo Nya Cge pg ka pusoy Wna wnay Tambal way ikapalit kapait number pls kna mka daog bisan gamay ra Gud
    Aron mkapalit Tambal huhhuhu

  27. Congrats winners.!!!
    Kinsa kaha na pamintin da, gihatag last week.
    Ang walay salug pisoy, hehehehehe.
    @Master Rasec murag ang plate number nimo diki na magdugay da.

  28. 5pm draw entry

    ☆ 068
    ☆ 503
    ☆ 309

    Xtra non entry
    356 820 985 253
    358 856 403 370

  29. Chris nathan solayao

    Good day admin…happy sunday
    Share lang 5pm
    O22-122-225 sa ganhan lng

    Tnx..admin goodlock
    Grtaz daan….heheh

  30. 5pm entry


    Huwag sabayan para ako lang matalo,,

    M10 -> key of winning,,tandaan nyo palagi

    Thanks 468 ,,rambolics

    Thanks Admin,,

  31. Good aftie tanan
    5pmdraw entry
    092 tarble
    M10 for lyf
    695 thanks admin/moderator

  32. 180 res 5pm
    Nisamoy gyud
    Mala pas suba. Huhuhuhuhuhu
    Bat ang hirap hulihin✌️

    Admin good afternoon, salamat sa spaces.

  33. Sana man lang kahit sa STL makatama ako. Salamat po sa lahat, lahat nang mga efforts mga Master’s and sharer’s.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS po sa inyong lahat.

    Salamat admin

  34. good evening admin, chairman, master, sharers, viewers….

    ((((648)))(((801))) T/R 100

    Balik lang Result PCSO plssss pinaskohan

    Salamat admin, chairman.

  35. ((759)) hanggang pasko..Sana manalo para masaya ang pasko.. Salamat poh..Godbless poh sa lahat..

  36. 9pm entry 108 580 801
    Hot >> 120/ 170/ 130
    if 8 – 861 468 948 268
    3/5 pesos taya.

  37. 9pm draw entry

    ☆ 791
    ☆ 792
    ☆ 796

    Xtra non entry

    790 793 794 795
    797 798 799 293

  38. @MISS G A.K.A @G [[143]]

    kahit matalo man ako lagi Yan sa puso ko at sa inyo,,

    Big thanks admin
    at kay chairman,,gratzie advance

  39. superman ( man of steel )

    Gd evening admin share
    (47) 477
    (04) 470
    (06) 670
    other pair no
    (71) 170 771 117
    (77) 770 777
    (76) 167 776
    (79) 779 790 179
    (07) 700
    (09) 900
    (99) 799 990
    (11) 110 111

  40. TY sir rasec , onta mogawas n karon para makatabang pud ko igsuon skoa papa naa sa on

  41. Master @G ,sana po makasakay kana sa barko papuntang Pilipinas. Miss kana namin Master.
    Master @Rasec Merry Christmas po. Pasalubong nalng po ang sakin galing kay Master @G.
    Keep safe always mga Master’s.
    Admin salamat sa spaces ✌️

  42. Good Sunday eve! Gratzzz idol @Rest45.
    Single combi mo 468… boommm.
    Anong best pair ngayon..
    Thankzz admin….

  43. Evening all
    648 defense kay home court sa kalaban
    Thanks admin/moderator

  44. Hayag na kadaugan unta pra panghanda sa pasko.
    128-812 TR
    143-134 TR
    872-827 TR
    863 TR
    236 TR
    241 TR
    842 TR
    unta naay molusot ani,,,

  45. 279-ubos na budget ko sayo labas na,,
    143-matalo manalo maghintay sa pag-iyak mo hehe
    861-source hearing Iwan kung kailan
    114 PACHAMBA double
    555 malakas sa trio

    Lahat ng Ito ay palaisipan lang kung kailan lalabas sa buwang ito in short;;

    Bet wisely

    Tips only

  46. @MISS G A.K.A @G

    ikaw ang unang binigyan ko na

    Sana mkatulong to Sayo,,,

    Congrats sa lahat ng nka sabay at nag M10


  47. Master Rasec, grabing iyak ko ngayon Sir. Kasi tinayaan ko ang 143 na aold out ang target at rambol. Sayang talaga. Siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr. Huhuhuhu
    Nanalo na sana ako ngayon, na sold out pa. Kakainis master, sayang talaga.

  48. Salamat salamat salamat Lord!!!! Ilang linggo kitang pinag tiisan..
    Plate number nasad ugma pohon

  49. Yoo0OOoon oh!..bravo Sir Rasec I lab u grabe,,clap3x…
    Yan ang tumutulong dba?!!!..
    Congrats sa mga nkasabay dn tulad ko!!!
    Salamat ng Marami Sir Rasec at Sir Gician Miss kna Namin!!!..
    Thank u dn Admin ng marami❤️

  50. Master @Pal nalimutan kuno yung plate number ni Master Rasec. Pwede pa clue po. Salamat
    Congrats sa mga winner’s
    Congrats master Rasec
    Admin thank you po

  51. Congrats sir rasec , , sayang di ko pa na rambol congrats sa nanalo

    Sagdi sunod mag rambol nko , , nag ambak2 intwon ko sa ahong kabasol , , onsaon taman , kuwang man ta sa budget , , congrats sa nanalo

  52. Congrats liwat ma’am Sofia hatag mo iton Han USA Ka adlaw. Tnx nka ramble din ako. GOd bless

  53. Tested na jud c idol….
    Congrats sir rasec…. Ug sa uban pang ning daog. Na 10tal ko sa 863. Wala pa jud ka abot naku Ang blessings. Better next time
    Thanks admin. Good night every 1

  54. Naghilak jud ko sa kalagot nko sir rsec ngano wla jud nko rambola , , , , bisan lng og 10pesos onta , , naghikag jud ko ,, makatilaw na onta ko daog ngari nga site , wla pjud nko rambola , , dako jud kaayo pag basol

  55. Congrats [email protected]
    Tama ang guide ko….3,8,5,1
    Tapos kagabi…6,4,1.3 pwede din gamitin
    Happy lng ako kasi pare-pareho kami
    ni @rasec mga m10 tulad 314–yeheey ramble
    Din 281.632.816.214….congrats sa uban!

  56. Thank you Sir Rasec,USA ra kaplastar 5 pesos 413 ! Bawi Ang pilde. Salamat gyod my friend.

  57. good evening sir rasec pwde mangayo pinaskuhan pls.sayang kaayo na off ako internet wala ko nakatan-aw.pls mangyo ko nmo ug pinaskohan salamat kon na basa mo ako txt.

  58. Walang anuman yan mga Lodz,,,sino bang di tutulong diba!!!kapamilya tayo dito sa site ni admin…..goodvibes lang ang hiling ko para masaya tayong lahat Manalo o matalo man….

  59. Magandang gabi po, specially to @DONNAMVJ.
    As what i have told before, please screeshot all the pamintin shared by your favorite sharer..
    Sa 414 10/20
    864 rumble 20
    413 20/20
    Yan mga hits ko, sunod sunod yata.
    Hindi sa pagmamayabang.
    Bakit yiu need to screenshot. Dahil for me theres no need to share these combi
    Daily dahil pamintin nga.
    Screenshot ko talaga mga pamintin lang sa halos lahat dito.
    Priorities ko Master Rasec, Master Rest45 Master Rooster, Master Tiger.
    Best sis bro…OFW…ETC
    Just hope nga i share ulit ni Master Rasec yon..
    SHARED YAN NI Master Rasec for 9pm draw today. Sorry, I have high respect to all great sharers here so i have no right to share whats been shared by them.
    Trust their pamintin if you wanna Win!

  60. Maliwanag pa sa buwan Ang binigay mo sir rasec. Ka sayang oi Ang isa pa akong na tayaan.
    Same here miss G soypu .
    Congrats all winner’s…..
    Daghan dugay ka tulog Ron
    Thanks admin for the space….. Goodnight

  61. Minsan kasi kulang tayo sa tiwala sa ibang sharers kaya, di natin napansin..
    413 pamintin din yan ni best Sis bro.
    Limang combi yon pamintin niya,
    438 853 648 685 413 484
    So dalawa nalang natitira.
    May naka pansin ba? Wala…
    Rest 45.
    Ingatan ko yan… Baka mag 00all

  62. Sir rasec….huhuhu sayang sulbad unta problems ramble 1 ra intawon…..salamat sir

  63. Master Rasec kahit na sold man ang 143 ko ngayo ang target at rambol dito sa amin . Sobrang laking tiwala ko pa rin sayo Master. Ikaw lang talaga ang the best since pagpasok ko sa site. Master @Gician ito yung ala ala na naiwan mo para sa lahat ang 143 mo. Kaya hindi ko talaga nalimutan. Sobrang thank you sa inyo mga Master’s. Hanggang sa susunod,andito lang ako nag aabang sa kabutihan nyo po. Master @Rasec I lab u talaga sa kabutihan mo at kay Master @Gician.
    Keep safe always
    Love u all✌️

    Admin ,thank you thank you po

  64. Congrats po @Rasec da best talaga mga combi nyo po Sana may pamasko kami Sayo na Numero ulit para may panghanda……kahit Hindi ako nakataya sold_out na Po Kasi……. More POWER and GOD BLESS Po sa LAHAT ng sharer ,,, GOOD NIGHT po admin

  65. Roxan may Torres

    Good evening admin . Wa na gyud nigawas c 494 admin ba. Dakoas pildi nko ana. Diko kabawe anang numeruha ba.

  66. Sobrang thank you sayo @Master Pal
    At kay Master @Rest45.
    Lalo na kay [email protected] At Master @G.
    Sa lahat na mga Master’s and sharer thank you thank you po sa inyo✌️
    Gd nyt admin, lab u✌️

  67. Mag iingat kayo sa -812-236-863 ha baka na delayed lang Ang maga ito di gaya ni 143 na nag advance ito ngayon…
    (13-14-16-17-18-19 )9PM DRAW ONLY Sana Ang DTB nito pero ngayon lumabas..
    sa may SS nito 236-863 sa DTB nito kayo ng bahala,,,gudluck advance

  68. Silingan,daghang salamat sa grasya nga imong gi share,sa mga natabangan nimo ug ni Boss G at Miss G
    Dios magbayad silingan.

  69. Ang daming nanalo, ako hindi.. nag focus ako sa DTB at pa sure 2. nag advance ang 413… whaaaaahh..

  70. Congrats sir @Rasec ug sa tanang winners..Wa lng ko karamble kay ang i love you ra jud tawon ako gitayaan pero happy ko kay daghan ang winners. Again thank you sa atong mga sharers ug congrats sa tanang nakadaog..hinaut sa sunod makatunong ko sa tamang combi. Thank you very much Admin!

  71. Congrats!!!!
    Sana all Sir @rasec God speed,, kahit di ako nanalo,, maraming salamat…

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