SWERTRES Hearing Today Monday, August 8, 2022

PCSO Swertres Hearing Maintain Today3d lotto hearing

Monday, August 08, 2022 – Here are the PCSO Swertres Hearing today, Swertres Hearing Online, 3D Hearing, Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips Probable, Swer3 Hearing Calendar Guide, Swertres Pasakay Pairing, and analysis.

Welcome to the No.1 3D Swertres Hearing Website in the Philippines!

Swertres Hearing is one of the most popular topics discussed by Filipinos today. 3D Lotto – Swertres Lotto draw is being held daily at 11:00 am, 4:00 pm, and 9:00 pm by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Typically, PCSO Lotto Hearing contains the Combinations Digits and Pairing along with Pasakay Guides. these will help our users to make their Lotto Winning Strategy almost 90% accurate.

PCSO Official Lotto Result Today August 08, 2022

PCSO has announced the SWERTRES and other lottery results for today. Here at PinoySwertres.com, we make sure that all Results we update are accurate. However, we still encourage our Pinoy Swertres followers to verify the winning numbers by visiting PCSO’s official website.

EZ2 / 2D Lotto Result

2D LOTTO RESULT Today – Here is the 2D Lotto Results today announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO EZ2 lotto are refreshed every day 2:00pm 5:00pm 9:00pm.

2PM : 18-29
5PM : 25-28
9PM : 05-29
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

‎3D Swertres Results

3D SWERTRES RESULT Today – Here are the 3D Swertres Results today announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO Swertres lotto refreshed every day 2:00pm 5:00pm 9:00pm.

02PM : 6-6-0
05PM : 6-5-5
09PM : 2-7-2
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,500.00 per 10 peso play

4D LOTTO RESULT – Here is the PCSO 4D Lotto Result today announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 4D Lotto results released three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9pm.

4D PCSO Lotto Result

9PM: 0-8-1-3
Winning numbers in exact order

6/45 LOTTO RESULTS Today – Here is the Mega Lotto 6/45 Result today announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/45 Lotto results released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9pm.

Mega 6/45 Lotto Result

9PM: 07-42-39-32-01-29
Jackpot: Php 38,883,677.60
Winning numbers in any order

6/55 LOTTO RESULT Today – Here is the Grand Lotto 6/55 Result today announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/55 Lotto results are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 9pm.

Grand 6/55 Lotto Result

9PM: 12-30-47-29-42-34
Jackpot: Php 58,324,662.00
Winning numbers in any order

STL Lotto Result Today August 08, 2022

STL Pares Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer3 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer2 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

PCSO Lotto Result Today

PCSO broadcast their lottery draw through PTV and their official YouTube channel.

The PCSO Lotto result updated above is 2D EZ2 Lotto, 3D Swertres Lotto, 4D PCSO Lotto Results, Mega 6/45 PCSO Results, and Grand 6/55 Lotto. Small Town Lottery (STL) STL Pares, STL Swer3, and STL 2-Digits(Swer2). All the results are updated at intervals of 2:00 AM, 5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM.

Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips and Techniques published here daily before the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO Swertres Results announced. So, if you want to get an idea about Today to draw then follow the hearing tips daily and Visit our Website from time to time to check the latest 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm Swertres Hearing.

Looking for 3D Hearing / Swertres Hearing today now

No one can predict the winning numbers for Swertres or any other PCSO lotto game results. However, there are some Swertres analyzers who compile previous Swertres results and make analyses based on their gathered data. These analyses are called ‘probable’, ‘hearing’ or ‘guides’. PS.Team sharing Swertres Hearing since 2014. For more updates join us on Facebook

No one can predict the winning numbers for Swertres or any other PCSO lotto game results. However, there are some Swertres analyzers who compile previous Swertres results and make analyses based on their gathered data. These analyses are called ‘probable’, ‘hearing’ or ‘guides’. PS.Team sharing Swertres Hearing since 2014. For more updates join us on Facebook

Swertres Hearing Latest Maintain and Probables Today

Most our of social media fans ask us What is the best Swertres Hearing for today? or What is the Best Swertres Guide for today? We are PS. Team here to help you win Swertres Lotto. Below is our Swertres Pairing guide, Pasakay guide, Swertres Hot and Cold numbers, Swertres daily hearing, and Swertres monthly hearing. Here is Swertres hearing for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

Swertres Pasakay Guide Today

Pasakay Guide August 08, 2022 – 08 – 16 – 89

Swer3 Lotto Pasakay Guide

Pasakay Guide August 08, 2022 – 11 – 37 – 68

PS Team Pasakay Guide Today

Rex31: 69 – Jendyle: 25 – Jishan: 048

Swertres Pairing Guide Today

Pairing Guide is one of the most effective guides to winning the Swertres lotto game. These PAIRINGS are good for today for 2:00 am 5:00 pm 9:00 pm draws.

Swertres Hearing Tambayan

STL Swer3 Pairing

August 08, 2022 –
( 82, 80, 42, 40 ) 99.99% Probability

August 08, 2022
( 12, 17, 35, 78 ) 99.99% Probability

Swertres Hot & Cold Numbers

Swertres Lotto Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers can be done the very simple way, if you have access to Swertres results history, you can do basic analysis on your own to pinpoint the hot and cold numbers.

Swertres Hot Numbers – 0 3 6 7
Swertres Cold Numbers – 4 5 8 9

Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow

Our P.S Team uses Hot numbers and Some secret analyses to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11:00 am 4:00 pm 9:00 pm draws:

Best CEBU Swertres Hearing For Today!

Today Hot Swertres and Swer3 combination = 026 – 154  – 438 – 596 – 372 – 812

3D Swertres Monthly Hearing!

617 – 163 – 495 – 149 – 754
105 – 786 – 386 – 331 – 488
701 – 246 – 321 – 306 – 782

BABALA: Without our permission do not copy/screenshot our hearing to post in your Lotto outlet, Facebook timeline, pages, and groups. Under Philippine cyber copyright law, copyright infringement is punishable. If we catch you up with any Copyright Violation, then the penalty would be P150,000 to P1,000,000.00 or 3 months to 6 years in prison.


Swertres Result History is Here on this page, You can access the Record of All Previous Swertres Result History.

The SWERTRES HEARING TODAY that is updated above are based on Previous results, Calendar guide, Pairing, Psakay which call Mix Methodologies. Those methods are extremely valuable to winning SWERTRES / 3D Lotto. Paskey Guides are the most important to win Swertres/3D Lotto. Without these guides, you do not get the best results.

Get the Latest Swertres Hearing Today and the other PCSO Lotto & their results are also published here from the Official Source.

Disclaimer: These are not the confirmed digits or there is no guarantee that these numbers, pairs, and combinations are confirmed. These are the suggestions, tips, and calculations shared by our experts and PCSO professionals. However, you can get an idea from these digits.

Note: Always Bet at your own risk however we posted here some hearings. Best of Luck and Have a Good Day.

This post is about PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow, Swertres Hearing Today for 2:00 pm 5:00 pm 9:00 pm Draws. PCSO Swertres Hearing Tips Probables, Swertres Hearing Maintain Today Now, and much more!

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  1. Morning na

    Yahoooooo …….targetic
    May nanalo ba sa paminten kong 036?
    Magaling talaga si Pisoy, saka na niya pinalabas yong mahirap na mapag-isipan na lalabas pa siya.
    Pinalagpas pa niya ng kaunti sa schedule ko.

    Dandansoy says:
    July 30, 2022 at 3:26 PM
    Good afternoon psmates
    Try this combi : 036
    Kung hindi lalabas ngayon m10 mo nalang, parang hindi na maabutan ng 1 linggo lalabas ito.

  2. Good morning sir@ rasec sayang tlaga nag slide na naman..
    Sir pls ko sitsiti tayon ko sir kung mobunal nako hehehe….kay ang budget tawon..

  3. Good morning PS team and congrats all winner’s yesterday.
    Good morning admin.
    Thank you for the space.

  4. Good morning din Sayo mam @roxette sayang ulahi na Nako nabasa imo sliding door sa 079– na mentin ko d na slide ng lumabas hehe cge lang daghan pang draw.

    Chairman pang regalo Naman pra happy Ang lahat

  5. gd morning admin share
    2 pm entry – 614 914 616 T/R
    694 966 196
    161 141 569
    561 396 316

  6. Gravatar ImageTREVOR! says:
    August 6, 2022 at 8:02 PM
    Ubos n Ang bahaw:
    Double pair:
    Single coming in first 6 2 pair:

    METRO MNLA=380
    FOR ME=712

    Good luck have a good day! ✌️ You all!

  7. Morning admin!!!
    Morning psmates!!!!
    Hello,@sunshine,GM sau!!!!

    Gratz all the winner’s!!!

    My bet
    Impt. to note:
    Gl to all of us!!!!

    Thanks admin!!!

  8. 2pm share entry:303 313 363 t/r
    Other number after shock!
    979 989 969
    918 404 118

  9. @TREVOR! boss salamat sa number na binigay mo na pa maintain na 719 at 439 lumabas talaga kahapon anong bago mong pa maintain sa mindanao at cebu boss?

  10. Good morning
    God bless all PSteam ADMIN❤️

    134 ❤️

    Thanks admin sa space

  11. gud morning ps team..and idol master rasec paisa isa nang naglabasan pa m10 mo sa stl bumagsak hehkhekhek..thanks kaau

  12. 791
    ==sayang na sayang di nyo to nakuha huhu
    August 3, 2022 at 5:21 PM

    baka walang [[9[] sa 9pm draw naku lagot Ang dapat managot [[… wag seryosuhin baka mag mintis kung mag mintis hihihi 791

  13. ahhh ganon hihihi ,,,pwede nman Dina ako magbigay Lodz @KAPAYAPA? at Ikaw ng magbigay ng GRASYAS sa mga viewers …..Ang TANONG >>>kung TATAMA ba Ang mga bigay mo hahahaha,,,,,pag-iisip mong mabuti kung kaya mo ba Ang ginagawa ko simula umpisa hanggang ngayon hihihi….natatawa ako Sayo Lodz ciguro COMPUTATION lang kaya mong ibigay sa lahat dito MEANS>>>CHAMBA MODE means 10/90 win/loss FORMAT…

    walang mawawala sakin kung Dina ako magbigay TANDAAN mo Yan…

  14. [[ 970/907 ]]

    pag dipa to lalabas ngayon alin man sa tatlong draws ,,,,BITAWAN nyo muna

    sa maninila awww SAFE sa Hindi awww SUSUNOGIN lahat ng Pera nyo dito

  15. E di wag kang magbigay ang dami mong salita bakit taga pcso kaba hahaha wag kayong aasa sa larong ito panis hindi mo aki taga hanga lol daming mong salita boy

  16. kahit ilang maskara pang gagamitin mo BISTADO kana,,,
    BUKOL ka permi sa # ko BAGDOKI pa hahaha looy ba oyy ,

  17. @TATA

    himoa ning inon-on ha [[970]] kung mahimo himoa ng TAPA hihihi,,,

    TAGO sako daghan Pani Sila moabot na na-BUKOL permi Kay cgig BAGDOK hihihi,,,

    Thanks admin,,

  18. STORYAHE imong utot @HIDE-0UT hihihi,,,,dimo ako maluluko Lodz,,,nababasa ko nga parating na mga numero isipan mo pa kaya Ang diko mababasa l0l,,,hihihi

  19. Sa ako lang master RASEC… ayaw na ipilit ang mga post mo na bahaw if mugawas…. magpabilib man ka gud na ninggawas ang bahaw mo na number… move on if nilampas na….

  20. kani nga site gibuhat n admin para mag share og numbers….ngano ang uban maghilabot man noon …dapat unta happy ta naa mo share sa ila talent na walay bayad…

  21. Maajong udto sa tanan.
    @master Rasec ,win or loss paabay sa 907 mo pang birthday sa aho special child, hinaut mapansin ni Chairman.
    Salamuch admin.

  22. Good pm sir@rasec thank you diay kay nakaog ug rambol 10 sa 791-daog nako 750 naa koy utang nga 689- ang nabilin sa akoa daog 61 nalang jud tawon..salamat kay nakabayad ko sa utang..kung ang 970 lang unta ang nigawas ramble 30 unta sayang kay slide man unya R10 rako…hinaot unta kalooy-an karon para pangbirthday nako sa wed..puhon..


    alam mo ba Ang dahilan bakit ako nag-share at mag-post ng numero,,.

    lahat itoy lumabas and now my LATEST [[ 907 ]] at may nauuna pa sa mga ito na naglabasan na at iba Wala pa….kung alam mo ang palaro sa 3D tahimik ka siguro pero kung di mo alam KEEP YOUR MOUTH S——T,,,dahil Wala Kang alam,,,,.

    kung mabilang mo Ang mga nai-SHARE ko lahat lahat dika ba nagtanong bakit maglabasan Ang mga ito?

    HEARINGS =70/80 % SURE

    saan Kaba sa dalawang to Lodz?…
    siguro alam mo Ang sagot sa tanong ko Lodz,,

  24. Good afternoon everyone especially to Admin! Magbaton lng unta ta ug respeto sa usag-usa. Kon dili mo gusto sa mga combis nga gishare, ayaw lng ninyo pansina ug dili lng unta ta manghilabot kay kada usa nato lain lain man ug choice.. Usa pa ayaw basola ang sharer kon napilde mo kay sugal baya ni inyong giapilan, meaning walay kasiguruan. In short, chamba lng not unless nga naay gihatag sa imoha nga hearing plus kamao ka mocompute. Kinsa man diay naggunit sa atong kwarta, di ba kita ra? So kon mapilde ta kay sayop ang atong gipili ir gitayaan nga numero dili ta moblame sa mga sharer kay probables ra baya na ilang gihatag. Kaklaro anang moingon ang sharer ng “Bet at your own risk” or bet wisely” kon sayop atong gipili kinsa man nang sayop ang sharer ba o kita? Kon walay kwarta di nalang patuga ug sugal labi na way mga trabaho kay mahimong dakong away sa pamilya kay ang igpapalit ug bugas ug sud-an nasakripisyo na kay naposoy man. Ayaw lng hilabti ang mga sharér kay kon wala mo ganahi sa ilang numbers kay bahaw, quiet nalang kay kada sharer diri naa man na clay mga followers. Maoy pag-ingnon nga “Mind your own business” . Thank you Admin ug “peace ” ninyong tanan.. ✌️✌️

  25. kining sigig comment og dili maayo about Kay RASEC,,,,gagmay nig mga UTOK sa PRANGKAHAN lang dahil Ang mga taong ito ay talagang walang alam about 3D game kundili COMPUTE ray nahibaw-an means PACHAMBA lang…kung naalala nyo si boss GICIAN /Lodz Marlborro ,,,itanong nyo sa Sarili nyo bakit Sila Wala na sa ngayon…

  26. kataw-an ko lang ning mga BASHERS ni @RASEC kung mag post ni Silag numero ba kung mogawas ba…..ako lang nalooy sa inyong Kwarta mga haters hihihi,,,,basin magpost mog way sugal2 sa actual hihihi

  27. Oh may gulay naunsa naman pod ning site,magclose comment napod ni c admin ron,ang tao nga may respito sa sarili,kabalo pod murespito sa uban,kudos sir Rasec,kung batuhin ka ng asar batuhin mo ng on the spot,diba nga nga yan,✌️✌️✌️

  28. @sir Rasec aha na diay sir GiCian???? Hatag clue dha sir basin nag change name rana sya…Respect lang tang tanan..

  29. @aries71
    ayaw Lodz Kay mag-lalaki napud ni Sila mga BAYOT mangud ning mga BASHERS ni RASEC klaro lang hihihi,,,

    Wala na cya rito Lodz ayaw na nya sa mga balasubas na pag-iisip ng iba rito….

    @oplan tok
    are you SURE Lodz,,?baka nagka-mali ng HULA

  30. Lahi2x man tag idol dri nga site. Ug di ganahan labyi lang. Kapoy basa tag as kaayo. Ako idol master rasec pero grespito nku ang uban sharers. Paghimo ug site ang mga masi! Isog ky screen name ra man.

  31. og akoy papili-on duha ra jud
    pero pirme man sila absent pud
    si ZELF og SERGIO
    bitaw joke ra.
    SHARE: 619 679 789
    Hinatag sa akong amiga sa Aser
    @RASEC, todlo-e me pag compute boss

  32. Ako lay naluoy sa imo follower mas dako ang pildi kaysa daug usahay dli pana makataya ky nahutdan hahaha bulok style mo rasec parang papaya mas maraming kapayas kaysa bulok o panis hahaha

  33. Epa Apas 876
    basig pasok sa guide ni PCSO.

    onsa may insakto nga pormola problem solving
    sa swertres nga daghan naman feeling bright karon sa youtube


  34. gd pm admin share
    5 pm entry – 399 099 799 T/R
    392 396 792
    795 092 096
    019 016 319
    316 179 167

  35. @TATA
    BULOK? hihihi kaw man guro lodz…hihihi

    SOLD-0UT #

    ilang libo sa 3D betting bago to ma SOLD-0UT ?

    kung masagot mo Yan abay may alam ka pero pa Hindi abay UGOK Kang talaga Lodz,,,hihihi

  36. Gratz sa mga nnalo sa mca…

    Tama na tau sa gc..focus tau sa combis..
    Focus on how to win ds game.
    Baka magpabulaga si chairman.hehehe

  37. oi ayong hapon…
    syn pair lng ko.10.25 38.47.69.pares 8…
    tq admin…bisan asa ana basta mologwa..

  38. Paano ko masagot yan rasec i hindi nga ako tumataya nyan ako wlang talo sa 3d na laro sagutin mo yang tanong mo lol kong tataya man ako 6/49 6/55 dyan lang ako tataya wla akong paki sa nomero mo naaawa lang ako sa follower mo ang yabang mo kasing magsalita parang ikaw may ari ng pcso kapayason mayabang ka lahat nasayo na hahahah panis bulok ugok kainin mo numero mo wala akong paki

  39. bakit ka andito @TATA Wala dito Ang lotto milyons hahaha,,,,,gong-gong ka Pala…….patuuha imong utot ayaw langko hihihi….SCAMMERS noted ,,

  40. 689__₱10,000.00

  41. maayo pa si Lodz @ROXETTE kabalo pa kini hinoong way hanaw cgig pagarpar hahaha,,,,nice Lodz now alam na nila mga walang alam na basher hihihi

  42. @ROXETTE
    gamiton sa nko imo 48 ha!!! try nko ipa TUpong ilang ITlog sa ilang PORul basin mka try ni Silag daog Kay og dili awww dagko nasab ni Silag BUKOL unya hihihi,,,looy pud ning mga bayota hahaha,,

    Thanks admin,,lingaw ko nila Ron hihi

  43. Ikaw yong mahilig mag scam pinaniwala mo yong mga tao dito asus ganyan ba taga cdo hahah hindi rin mayabang magsalita tga cdo golden friendship yata d ka tunay na taga cdo noh taga bohol ka yata lol

  44. based on the previous result please check january 24 – 31 2022 . i compare ninyo sa mga result karun nga ng gawas 🙂 🙂
    thanks me later .. helpful kaayo na if hilig mo og compute

    Goodluck bettors

  45. puro pagarpar ning mga bayota dagko na guro nig BUKOL ba hahaha,,,,

    kana inyong isugal kung alang2 na ipalit nlang gyod nag bugas una ha!!!mo sugal pa mo nga BUKOL permi mang laki pa basin kotu’ sa inyong ulo Makita na Kay way daog2 cg lng ka BUKOL,,,,pastilan

  46. BUNAL gamay lang last hunat,,,og dili gyod ni mogawas karon STOP namo [[970]]../kay basin gi scam napud ni nga numero sa mga ukoy diria,,,ok ba?901

  47. @idol master rasec.,.thanks sa paghatag namo bisan naa dili ganahan nmo..pero ako nagpabilin maghuwat mag m10 sa imo numero..ako na bunal silhig tukog nang numero ha pakapinan nako sa naay 8 …hekhekehek.thanks admin…

  48. Repost:
    @ Admin Rex31: 69
    6_ _
    9_ _

    @ Admin Jendyle: 25
    2_ _
    5_ _

    @ Admin Jishan: 048
    0_ _
    4_ _
    8_ _
    Kung Naa Moy M10 Tapos pasok sa
    Guide sa atong mga pinalangga na
    Admin. try nyo lng. Basin dii Makatilaw
    tag daug…

  49. 266
    Kulataha ninyo ng Scammer nga tog guba sa ato on the spot post,, gasamok ra ng mangingilad sa ato concentration

  50. my god,,,,halata ba kaayo ning duha oyyy…nag mention og Lugar nila looya ba Ani nila,,,,Amiga daw niya,,, nga squatter japon hihihi purya saway …

  51. 9pm entry 502 705 816
    Ako giusab kay nadaghan ug entry hi hi hi….
    Admin kani maoy ako entry…matsalams admin…

  52. ano kayang porma mo aka DIMALASMO kung maharap mo ko sa personal ba,,,susugod ka paba o tumakbo na hihihi,,,mayabang ka lodi patalikod means DUWAG sa personal…

  53. Meoooowwkkk permission to post admin…but po nag aaway sila…??? Hello kuya zelf….804?? 824??? Hayyssss..

  54. Goodevening admin, and all ps team… Congrats sa mga daugan…iba talaga ang gwapo boss, dami naiingit……hehehe….@hideout@swertemo…..saudi kayong dalawa? Magkasama? Arabic at may halong hindu salita nyo… Hehehhee…. Nakakaloko talaga ang sugal…sayang pera nyo kung d kayo maging wais… Hehehhe… Peace…. Goodnight all

  55. Ipakita Ang pakig-igsuonay.

    Peace be with you ❤️

    Share lang mug number oy. Ayaw mug cgeg bash Wala Gani ko ga reklamo cgeg kag ka pusoy. Ana manjud nang life. Pero happy nako karon nga 1month preggy ko ahahah lingaw-lingaw lang gud. Kung naay extra money tapad kung ganahan, kung apeke – paniid nalang dre sa site. Simple Ra kaayu Ang life ..

    Live young wild and free. ☺️

  56. Kung Php10,000 lang ang limit bawat combi, ibig sabihin 1000 slot lang na tag -Php 10 ang allowed bawat combi.
    Kung may 100 katao na tataya ng tig Php 100 sa buong Pinas, sold-out na kaagad ang 1 combi, kapag sold-out, hindi na nila palalabasin, sayang na ang pera sa mananaya ng combi na nasold-out.

    Sumatotal, iwasan natin ang sobrang bagdok para hindi masayang ang perang tinaya natin. Huwag maging swapang, sa pagtaya ng swertres, dahil babalik din sa atin iyan

  57. Good evening Admin and all PSmates. Congrats to all Master Winner’s & Silent Winner’s.
    Kanus a na pud dagway ko ani makatilaw ug daug, bali mang idlasa sa mga combi. Bisan nalang ramble2 happy nako. Pero lisud gyud padakop. Malibog ko ug select the best combi kay puro man gud the Best pud ang mga Master’s. Hehe✌️
    By the way thank you always mga Best Master’s mostly to my Idol Master @R, sayong walang sawang mga efforts to share para lang makatulong. Salamat at sana po, hindi kayo magsawang tumulong at mag share. At sana po makatikim nanaman ako nang panalo. Hehehe
    Parang December na malamig ang hangin.nyt all✌️✌️✌️
    God Bless po sa Lahat & Family
    Keep safe always…
    Salamat salamat po sa uulitin …
    Good nyt po sa inyo….

    Admin Salamat po sa space at sa Uulitin po…

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