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Saturday, November 06, 2021 – Here is the PCSO Swertres Hearing today, Swertres Hearing Online, 3D Hearing, Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips Probables, Swer3 Hearing Calendar Guide, Swertres Pasakay Pairing and analysis.

Welcome to the No.1 3D Swertres Hearing site in the Philippines!

3d lotto hearingSwertres Hearing is one of the most popular topics discussed by Filipinos today. 3D Lotto – Swertres Lotto draw is being held daily at 2pm, 5pm and 9pm by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Typically, PCSO Lotto Hearing contains the Combinations Digits and Pairing along with Pasakay Guides. these will help our users to make their Lotto Winning Strategy almost 90% accurate.

PCSO Official Lotto Result Today November 06, 2021:

PCSO has announced the SWERTRES and other lottery results for today. Here at, we make sure that all Results we update are accurate. However, we still encourage our Pinoy Swertres followers to verify the winning numbers by visiting PCSO’s official website.

2D LOTTO RESULT Today – Here is the 2D Lotto Results today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO EZ2 lotto is refreshed every day 2pm, 5pm and 9pm.

Here is More PCSO Lotto Result Update:

SWERTRES HEARING Today For Today December 08, 2021!

3D SWERTRES LOTTO RESULT December 08, 2021 (2pm, 5pm and 9pm updates)

2D EZ2 LOTTO RESULT December 08, 2021 (2pm, 5pm and 9pm updates)

STL RESULT Today December 08, 2021 Vis-Min (10:30am, 3pm and 7pm updates)

LOTTO RESULT Today December 08, 2021 (9pm updates)

EZ2 / 2D Lotto Result

2PM : 22-04
5PM : 04-17
9PM : 19-04
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

3D SWERTRES RESULT Today – Here is the 3D Swertres Results today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Results of PCSO Swertres lotto refreshed every day 2pm, 5pm and 9pm.

‎3D Swertres Results

02PM : 3-3-7
05PM : 9-6-0
09PM : 2-7-7
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,500.00 per 10 peso play

6D LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6D Lotto Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6D Lotto results released three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9pm.

6D PCSO Lotto Result

9PM: 6-0-0-2-9-7
Winning numbers in exact order

6/42 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6/42 Lotto Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 6/42 Lotto results released every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9pm.

Lotto 6/42 PCSO Result

9PM: 24-27-29-08-22-04
Jackpot: Php 8,244,527.20
Winning numbers in any order

PCSO 6/55 LOTTO RESULT – Here is the 6/55 Lotto Result today has announced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Grand Lotto 6/55 result released every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm.

Grand 6/55 Lotto Result

9PM: 49-10-41-22-47-42
Jackpot: Php 98,594,453.80
Winning numbers in any order

STL Lotto Results Today November 06, 2021

STL Pares Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer3 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

STL Swer2 Result

Morning 10:30m – Afternoon 5pm – Evening 7pm
Winning numbers in exact order

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PCSO broadcast their lottery draw through PTV and their official YouTube channel.

The PCSO Lotto result updated above is 2D EZ2 Lotto, 3D Swertres Lotto, 4D PCSO Lotto Results, Mega 6/45 PCSO Results, Grand 6/55 Lotto. Small Town Lottery (STL) STL Pares, STL Swer3 and STL 2-Digits(Swer2). All the results being updated at intervals of 2:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

Pinoy Swertres Hearing Tips and Techniques published here daily before the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO Swertres Results announced. So, if you want to get an idea about Today to draw then follow the hearing tips daily and Visit our Website from time to time to check the latest 2pm, 5pm & 9pm Swertres Hearing.

Looking for 3D Hearing / Swertres Hearing today

No one can predict the winning numbers for Swertres or any other PCSO lotto game results. However, there are some Swertres analyzers who compile previous Swertres results and make analyses based on their gathered data. These analyses are called ‘probables’, ‘hearing’ or ‘guides’. PS.Team sharing 3D Swertres Hearing since 2014. For more updates join us on Facebook

Swertres hearing today

Swertres Hearing Maintain and Probables Today

Most our of social media fans ask to us What is the best Swertres Hearing for today? or What is the Best Swertres Guide for today? We are PS.Team here to help you win Swertres Lotto. Below is our Swertres Pairing guide, Pasakay guide, Swertres Hot and Cold numbers, Swertres daily hearing, and Swertres monthly hearing. Here is Swertres hearing for today 2pm – 5pm – 9pm draws:

Swertres Pasakay Guide Today

Pasakay Guide November 06, 2021 – 06 – 15 – 89

Swer3 Lotto Pasakay Guide

Pasakay Guide November 06, 2021 – 81 – 39 – 78

PS Team Pasakay Guide Today

Rex31: 14 – Jendyle: 27 – Jishan: 129

Swertres Pairing Guide Today

Pairing Guide is one of the most effective guides to winning the Swertres lotto game. These PAIRINGS are good for today 2pm 5pm and 9pm. draws.

Swertres Pairing

November 06, 2021
( 16, 14, 76, 74 ) 99.99% Probability

STL Swer3 Pairing

November 06, 2021
( 29, 27, 89, 87 ) 99.99% Probability

Swertres Hot & Cold Numbers

Swertres Lotto Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers can be done very simply way, if you have access to Swertres results history, you can do basic analysis on your own to pinpoint the hot and cold numbers.

Swertres Hot Numbers – 0 5 7 8
Swertres Cold Numbers – 2 4 6 9

PCSO Swertres Hearing Today

We P.S Team use Hot numbers and Some secret analysis to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11am – 4pm – 9pm draws:

PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow

We P.S Team use Hot numbers and Some secret analysis to generate lucky numbers for you. Here is the Swertres hearing for today 11am – 4pm – 9pm draws:

Best Swertres Hearing For Today!

Today Hot Swertres and Swer3 combination = 324 – 973 – 307 – 975 – 786 – 467

3D Swertres Monthly Hearing!

173 – 375 – 389 – 462 – 697
701 – 971 – 417 – 738 – 146
049 – 924 – 881 – 811 – 872

BABALA: Without our permission do not copy/screenshots our hearing to post in your Lotto outlet, Facebook timeline, pages and groups. Under Philippine cyber copyrights law, copyright infringement is punishable. If we catch you up with any Copyright Violation with our hearing, than the penalty would be P150,000 to P1,000,000.00 or 3 months to 6 years in prison.


Swertres Result History is Here on this page, You can access the Record of All Previous Swertres Result History.

The 3D SWERTRES HEARING TODAY that updated above are based on Previous results, Calendar guide, Pairing, Psakay which call Mix Methodologies. Those methods are extremely valuable to win SWERTRES / 3D Lotto. Paskey Guides are the most important to win Swertres/3D Lotto. Without these guides, you do not get the best results.

Get the Latest Swertres Hearing Today and the other PCSO Lotto & their results are also published here from the Official Source.

Disclaimer: These are not the confirmed digits or there is no guarantee that these numbers, pairs, and combinations are confirmed. These are the suggestions, tips, and calculations sharing by our experts and PCSO professionals. However, you can get an idea from these digits.

Note: Always Bet at your own risk however we posted here some hearings. Best of Luck and have a Good Day.

This post is about PCSO Swertres Hearing for Tomorrow, PCSO Swertres Hearing Today for 11am 4pm 9pm Draws. PCSO Swertres Hearing Tips Probables,, Swertres Hearing Maintain Today Now and much more!

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    tnx admin

    SET A: 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 8
    SET B: 1, 2, 3, 9
    HOTnSPICY: 895 167 864 999
    M10: (856) ( 301 401 501)

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    NOVEMBER 6 and NOVEMBER 7 2021
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    depensa: 634 234 734
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    [email protected] – ayaw kawala ug paglaom mate. Makadaug ra lagi ka, pili ka anang number ni admin, sample kanang 146. Ako pod dili man ko kahibalo mocompute. Magkuha lang ko number nga dool sa date karon.

    Good luck sa tanan.

  15. 2 pm draw T/R
    804 806
    801 168
    468 368
    344 026
    862 926
    562 044
    tnx admin

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    gd morning admin share
    (52) 235
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    Best combie
    Piso Piso lang

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    ((398)) ((683)) ((608)) ((684))
    Def. 098,682,642,668
    GL 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Bestdak : 804-807-805-806

    # I’m not crazy, i’m just a little unwell ❤️ by Matchbox 20
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  27. Gd pm admin mga bro @redhorse @tiger @rooster @vjr_627 @yukimaki @tutz @picoy @adiksas3 n all 2pm entry 742 042 031 extra 189 727 227 gl

    Thank u sa imo sir ky nghatag ka sa schedule wen mogawas ang 734 ug 901.. Nakadaug ko gamay. Hope naa na pud ka post numero nga naa schedule to bet.

  29. To all master and silent viewers hope naay signature campaign ta ani tanan para maibalik ang santa claus walang iba SIR GICIAN..DAghan kaau nag kinahanglan sa imuha sir…godbless tanan tnx admin…

  30. gud pm adm. vjr superman bhong rasec tiger rooster picoy sir ed 048-367-368-468-368-000-111-333-777-888-666-444- tag 50pesos

    lasw2 44-66-68-26-80-45-56-64-55 rambol tag 200 pesos

  31. 122 412( TR) m10nun naku til Dec..ako ako lang..special numbers.thanks admin sa space!

  32. Good Afternoon Admin, master redhorse, master Bobong, master rooster, master joel, master Tiger, master chimlay and to all master here!!!
    Entry for 2pm draws: 157*383*594
    Non Entry (Probables Only) for 2pm Draws:
    Ska: 312*435
    Mak: 529*059
    3U: 333*777*888
    M10: 492*688*857*137
    Bet your own Risk!!

  33. Goodafternoon

    018___018 180 801 108
    028___802 280 208
    038___038 083 830 308 380
    048___084 480 804 408___vip
    098___098 890 980 908___vip
    All draw

  34. Pobringtinamaytamay

    2pm entry: 417-274-528
    Dfns: 280

    5pm entry: 417-274-362
    Dfns: 407

    9pm entry: 507-607-518
    Dfns: 417-416-119

  35. Pamares: 68
    For 3days. 681-683-813(nigawas na)-136
    Rambol/target nalang dayon ng uban na Wala pa nigawas.
    Gamay ray sipyat ani na pamares.
    Good luck to all.
    Thanks admin.

  36. Congratz sa 2pm winners..
    Balikan ra naku (( Share..
    Best(( 419-719-819-319))

    Tanx..g/l all

  37. 5pm

    Pasure— 5/2



    Not sure guide only gl

  38. @master rasec dalawang panalo sa stl….lumabas pa m10 …congratzzz.thanks admin sa space

  39. Entry for 5pm draws: 036*106*936
    Non Entry (Probables Only) for 5pm Draws:
    Ska: 312*435
    3U: 333*777*888
    M10: 492*128*857*605
    Bet your own Risk!!

  40. lotty gudpm pa share be sa sked sa 901 0g 734 newbie here..tanx in advance..

    ((2))((5)) PASURE

    Maraming salamat PO ADMIN AT PCSO

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    GD evening admin share
    (76) 267
    (77) 277
    (70) 270
    non emtry
    (06) 260
    (00) 200
    (26) 226
    (27) 227
    (20) 220

  43. Entry for 9pm draws: 195*150*268
    Non Entry (Probables Only) for 9pm Draws:
    Ska: 312*435
    3U: 333*777*888
    M10: 492*128*857*605
    Bet your own Risk!!

  44. Gd ev mga bro..
    Share ((617-619-106-417-419-401-819))
    Piso piso lang..

    Tanx..g/l all..

  45. Pasure [[8/7/9]] in any draw

    9pm pasure

    [[ 8 ]]101% SURE o BUKOL

    I LOVE YOU guyz,,

    guide only

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    Bestdak: 148-143-145
    #Unintended by Muse ❤️
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    share top 5 mintin…
    (370)(274)(421)(130)(392)—bulagi ang uyab basta ayaw ni…

    possible combi this month…

  48. Bii admin og sa tanan ka psm8 my share 209 912 524 863 tnx admin happy winning sa tanan

  49. @ sean08
    Nia ako 425 years wala nay mga pusoy sa swertres.. Ala pacnan na nyahaha..
    Goodluck all.

  50. superman ( man of steel )

    superman ( man of steel )
    November 6, 2021 (6:21 pm) #

    GD evening admin share
    (76) 267
    (77) 277 > RESULT 277

  51. Ondaspot greeting to
    Dragon781 > 277 target ✅
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    #I knew i love you b4 i met u by Savage Garden ❤️

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